chibi taria

An old sketch for today's one hour coloring practise.
I draw the line when i still a big fan of Axis Powers Hetalia
haven't seen any new episode since this year, butit is still a lovely work after all.
18513642_p1 副本

You may notice that i dont have fixed style. that's ture. because i mainly draw Dojin works and feel more free to draw in varies way according to different theme or different mood.
I'd like to talk a little bit about Dojin today.
does anybody know if it ok to sell Dojinshi of American animation here?
I've no idea how Dojin works here or out of Asia.
However I feel that American Aanimaiton industry has a much more serious atitude toward Dojin activity.
I've been doing Dojinshi for a while, and I real feel that it is hidden but actually a significant part of this industry. someone may that Dojin threatens the copyright of the original work, yes, it might be in some extent, but I do think the overall effects is positive. It helps to promot the original work, increase its popularity, and sometimes even turn a unknown work into top ranking.
it a huge and interesting topic. I probably will talk it more next time.

theme : APH国拟人
genre : Anime/Manga


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